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Michael gives Holly a glowing recommendation, Packer gets a full-time job in the Scranton branch, much to the dismay of the other employees. Discussion Rate article: 0 ratings, unofficial Wii Sports Soundtrack, ma, the cats back! Packer, however, is blog skeptical of this, so Michael attempts to e-mail him a photo of himself with Jan sunbathing topless at the resort. Scarn slammed the puck and it flew out of the stadium.

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Phyllis' wedding shower as well.The script also had a scene that brought back Amy Adams ' character Katy, but it was cut because Adams was working on a movie during the time this episode was filmed.Ferry "put great care and effort into recreating the characters' looks from earlier seasons Novak, for instance wore "the same bright blue shirt that Ryan used to favor" and fake sideburns were glued onto the actor's face to "match the era".