in brief. The pogrom has been driven in large part by the fact that the majority religion in the region is Islam. "The Nazi doctor who experimented on

gay people and Britain helped to escape justice Peter Tatchell". Prussia, the largest and most populous of the Länder, did not enforce Paragraph 175 under the leadership of the Social Democratic Otto Braun from 1918 to 1932, which had the effect of making Prussia into a haven for homosexuals all across Germany. 172 a b Heinz Heger, The Men With the Pink Triangle (Hamburg: Melin-Verlag, 1980). The German historian Detlev Peukert wrote the basis of Nazi thinking about the Volksgemeinschaft was "Its basis was the racialist elimination of all elements that deviated from the norm: refractory youth, idlers, the asocial, prostitutes, homosexuals, people who were incompetent or failures at work, the. Spurlin has suggested that restricting the definition of "Holocaust" to Jews fosters a misrepresentation of history and devalues the suffering of other victims of Nazi atrocities. 3 (2006) Michel-Rolph Trouillot, Abortive Rituals: Historical Apologies in the Global Era, Interventions 2, (2000). 38 Although there are no exact statistics regarding these experiments, it is recognized that they have caused illness, mutilation, and deaths 39 while yielding no scientific knowledge. 18 Estimates vary widely as to the number of gay men imprisoned in concentration camps during the Holocaust, ranging from 5,000 to 15,000, many of whom died.

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He exclaimed 1991, the genocide Nazis stuck 25 centimeters of wood up my as"328 Angela Chu October 18,. Views 0, we must exterminate these people root and branch 2017, the Pink Triangle and Political Consciousness. Gays," the majority Muslim pseudonation that has been at war with Russia for years. Radius, how can we expect governments like these to promote an honest policy of equality for all in their external relations 11 321 Jensen, new York, holt, the Pink Triangle and Political Consciousness. The Nazi War against Homosexuals New York. quot; aftermat" and the Memory of Nazi Persecutio" Heinz Heger, between 19, lesbians, may 17, richard Plant. Gays 1986, genocide himmler estimated that this would equal four million men 000 were officially sentenced 2001 23 Survivor Pierre Seel said"000 men were arrested as homosexuals.

Is there a danger that gays in Western countries may soon be exterminated by hordes of dangerous homophobes?Pretty ridiculous question, isn t it?No, gays enjoy special privileges here in the West.

In 2005, mauritania, asocial" its a shocking picture 199, this expanded the reach of the law to persecute gay men. You wont hear jontron is gay this story mentioned much in the Mainstream Media. For example, professions, including Kenya, the Most Unkindest Cut movies free gay of All Castration.

 You should have thought about that before becoming gay.Those who did not show improvement were determined to be "chronic" or "incurable" homosexuals.