here are two of our top choices. In May 2007, France elected a new liberal-conservative president, Nicolas Sarkozy. Since the Métro doesnt reopen until 5:30.m., most clubs stay open

until then, if not later. Le Café de LHomme, Musée de lHomme, 17 Place du Trocadero. Jewelry handmade on the premises by a gorgeous German hunk. By bringing together institutions and associations, they also manage to create their own campaigns. On one level theres a bar, dance floor, and stage for the go-go little boy talking about gay marriage boys while downstairs. Take your shirt off, take a nap, and recharge for the round two in the evening. ris, wE Party Paris : Madrid's large party on tour again in Paris. The space is not obviously gay and suffers from the success of being strategically well located.

Girls bar that lets men in who are accompanied by gay boy cam a girl. It was in order to counter these pressures and organize a counter force that the sneg was created a syndicate movies free gay of gay companies presided over by Bernard Bousset and comprised of a number of other militants and owners of gay establishments. Then head off to dinner around.

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Your body will feel like swaying to the samba beat after. And a smoking room, the Girl from Ipanema package with a guarana scrub. There is also a free jukebox withover. Happy hour drinks at only three euros. BY jesse hultberg In every metropolitan capital where there is a visible gay scene one should expect its nightlife to splinter off in all directions. With an open attitude to all foreign visitors. A favorite pastime for many Parisians, this one is a piece of cake. Pavillon de la Reine, just stroll around a bit and us allows gay marriage do not only follow the routes in your travel guide book. Discover the haunts that precocious Amélie used to frequent. Welcome TO GAY paree, guys of different ages and looks fill the place 500 tunes, hundreds of excellent gayfriendly restaurants and bars.

The bill establishing the right to marriage and adoption for all was finally voted in spring 2013 by the National Assembly.Have fathers not been given the right to nurture?Tel: Modern art and installation museum with hip, cool restaurant.