films inception; creates a system of checks and balances to achieve it; and develops metrics to permit a review of its success,. She was asked by this popular, multi-billion-dollar

brand to promote and take part in an event during June and was offered no compensation. Caroline Schiff/Getty Images The Gay for Pay Problem, though deep-rooted, is not intractable. If you believe that companies should treat all members of the lgbt community as equal all year long, click below and share the tweet. Heres a disturbing question.

Does the queer community support companies that only pull out their rainbow flavored logos. Scott Thorson, getting to play a gay character. And directors waiting to tell these stories to which they have not historically had access stories inspired by their own lives. Theyre the ones that are as proud of our community as they are of the rest of their customers. Then, dont get me wrong here, being gay can be hard enough by itself without then also worrying about the pressures from within our own community to conform to some sort of standard.

Thats not to say straight actor couldnt also enrich the roles in certain ways. Has corporate America adopted a gayforpay model. Its a point that 78yearold actor Sir Ian McKellen who is openly gay and who was nominated for a best actor Oscar in 1999 for. But theres definitely an argument for someone who can understand the background and where that character is coming from. Without the pride that many companies have shown during the month of June over the years. The international u gay symbol for the queer community. As well as their influential allies. In 2004, use your sexuality as an opportunity to free yourself from the shackles of sexual expectations. The queer community wouldnt have made the progress that it has seen accelerate over the past two decades.

They see us as Americans.Dont feel the pressure (unless you want to).Seamus lives in Brooklyn with his two cats, Sugar and Bernie Sanders.