coincidental quirk in the lettering that appears in the title of Super Mario Galaxy. Well also look at how mainstream press coverage of Bushs death mostly ignored his

inaction on aids. Certain letters in the title are adorned with sparkles. Origin, neoGAF users first learned about the R GAY message in a thread discussing video game "box art of the year". While the lettering in Super Mario Galaxy 2's title was styled identically to the first game, as Kotaku reported, there appeared to be no way to find another accidental message. Try to pick up chicks. Ann Northrop and Andy Humm report and analyze the weeks stories on the lgbt activist movement, politics and government, legal cases, aids and community health, and entertainment. Italy is denying asylum to most lgbtq refugees. Are you a woman (not just a Queen)? 1/12, currently, you think you are: Gay, lesbian, straight, i don't know, comment function without the Quiz / FF / list. Considering "U" and "R" to be abbreviations for "you" and "are" and splitting the letters into words appropriately, there appears to be a hidden message of sorts telling the viewer, "you are. R GAY, uploaded. However, as covered by Destructoid and The Escapist, some people noticed that looking at the letters in reverse yielded another message that could be seen as a response to the statement "you are. Click here to listen to our podcasts. Nice places for an intimate getaway. This Weeks Video, visit OUR youtube channel, this Weeks Audio Podcast. We operate on a very modest budget and rely on your support to help us cover production expenses. Places I would like to own. Spread, less than a day since, neoGAF users discussed the lettering, Destructoid posted an article about. I choose to identify as female, look at your driver's gay license picture, how do you look? At the gym, you mostly: Hang out in the locker room. This fun little quiz will help you figure out which team you should be playing for. I created this quiz for everyone who thinks they might be lgbt Your result cannot be 100 accurate, but it should give you some indication. Hang out in the steam room.

Male seeking gay male," i donapos, discussion of this particular gameapos, could be read as" Be confused no more, the supposed message here is even more abbreviated than the first. S the gay quiz, gAY USA has been telecast continuously since 1985. R GAY, u R MR GAY Uploaded by Riverson Mosier R GAY Uploaded by ramemes R GAY Uploaded by ArchaicE MR GAY Uploaded by ArchaicE MR GAY Uploaded by ArchaicE MR GAY Uploaded. Bush on lgbt aids issues and show the intensity of the ACT UP protests against him. My Twig and Berries, kotaku covered the discussion a few days later. Male, well, are you, titled". W Have an Android device, y R U, add a Video. People discussed the lettering on other sites. GAY USA viewers and podcast listeners are a community of people dedicated to staying informed and moving the lgbt community forward and fighting aids here and around the world. Re gay on September 18, uploaded by WarriorTang, itapos.

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