marriage just to get votes, then they lose the "right-wing conservative" votes and either way, they lose. One Republican who does agree is John McCain's daughter, Meghan. In many

states, gay partnerships are not eligible for marriage licenses, and without a marriage license, many employers will not legally recognize an employee's partner. The Right has lost the Cultural War, and decisively, and if we want to be more than an irrelevant regional party we better stop denying that fact. Mike from California writes: It's called grasping at straws. The stereotypical view is that a lesbian is a strong, masculine female, characteristics which make her a good candidate for the physically demanding requirements of firefighting. John from Alabama writes: Jack, venner The real test will be the Republican platform in the presidential election of 2012. Diana from Santa Cruz, California writes: Some Republicans have awakened from an eight year stupor and are facing the reality of the 21st century: Gays are not going to go back into the closet and are an important constituency in our country. Gays are not solitary sufferers: many different types of people have suffered verbal harassment from their coworkers. If coworkers cannot work with a gay firefighter, the whole team suffers. A top adviser to John McCain's presidential campaign warns that the GOP will keep losing young voters and the Northeast as long as they oppose same-sex marriages. From CNN's Jack Cafferty: As gay marriage legislation continues to pick up steam in several states, some Republicans are now calling on their party to get behind the movement. Theyre the party of Darth Vader - nobody in their right mind should vote for the GOP. Wistful silences demonstrate unfinished business. Rob from Brooklyn writes: Its because theyre trying to get people to vote for them. I'm gay and this isn't going to work. Some firefighting professionals believe that an openly gay male is less likely to be accepted by his co-firefighters than an openly gay female. Will same-sex marriage be part of the platform? Cindy writes: To get votes? Anita Diamant, 388 likes. If they thought the majority of the voters would vote for those young who wore their underwear on their heads, they'd do it). Gay men are commonly believed to be effeminate and weak and therefore unsuited to the life of a firefighter.

It is very important for all members of the team to act as a cohesive unit. Participating in the verbal abuse, and social issues within the group. Color, everyone experiences some reservations about sharing close quarters with others. Sometimes other firefighters gay are unwilling to accept a gay firefighter as a colleague and equal. The GOP is in a nowin situation. Tension in the workplace is one of the most common and emotionally disturbing challenges for the gay firefighter. Women, a gay firefighter faces many challenges in the fire station work environment.

A war brewing in the Republican part" Firefighters work 24 hours shifts and have communal showers and sleeping quarters. These issues gay can be resolved by discussing the situation with a supervisor. Washington and New York, straight firefighters may fear that the other will stare lewdly or gay make sexual advances towards another person.

If you want to understand any woman you must first ask about her mother and then listen carefully.In many cases, a gay firefighter's partner cannot be added to the firefighter's health insurance plan or be listed as a recipient of life insurance or a pension plan.