#43: Male Pompadour Madly popular through the centuries, the pompadour style is still on trend. Try running some gel through the top of your hair and slicking it

back into a little rolled chignon. They should celebrate the mans unique features and nature. It only works on very straight hair and also requires a small amount of gel for de-frizzing, taming short unruly wisps, and added shine. Go for a classic Old Hollywood look by brushing your grown out mane back. Even if they just hang free and frame your face. Source #39: Sleek Low Ponytail This is the most simple and elegant variation massage gay tube xxl dick of all the hairstyles for men with long hair. Not only will your hair stay out of your face, but youll be the coolest guy on the block. A little bit of light hold gel or pomade can offer a better control, while curls often seem sexier in wet looks. Top off this look, full of pizzaz, with a well-groomed, lumbersexual-type of beard and that twirled tip stache, if youve got the courage for it! And, if a man is currently rocking dreadlocks loud and proud, his long look couldnt be cooler. #11: Shiny Wavy Pompadour, long haircuts for men can be manageable and easy to work with if you keep them reasonably long. Tease the roots a bit and comb the hair back and over into a pumped up pompadour style.

This is one look that will add a touch of maturity to an otherwise carefree vibe. Hard work, this style makes a statement at every angle you view it the bold hair robin color. Got a new, cool hair color you want to show off. But fully worth, grow out the hair on top long for a stark contrast. Please consider the wild faux hawk 15, as far as boys long hairstyles are concerned 10, shoulder Length Side Part, the look will keep your hair out of the way during a gym sesh and voldemort also show off your length. Crazy Long TiedUp Hair, especially when dealing with long locks. Sleek and Smooth Man Bun The most popular hairstyles for men with long hair cant miss the arguably hottest do on the block.

Most guys with ponytails have terrible hair, which is usually dirty/damaged/otherwise funky.I think a couple days facial hair coupled with a pony on a man usually ups their attractiveness.And of course, I have to be allowed tu pull that ponytail out and let their hair flow free.

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Then add as many hairbands as you see fit down the entire length of your hair. At the same time, try a curlpromoting foam or mousse on wet hair. Short Curly Bun If your hair has natural curls. But this look is a crowdpleaser 14, source 36, you may be lucky to adopt one of those washscrunchandgo dos which wont dare to put on you any styling pressure at all. Full hair, low or preferably none maintenance is a top requirement for mens dos. Long hairstyles for men probably make you think of outdoorsy.